Flat Bean Vermicelli

Delicious & Reach the taste

Sticky Smooth Bean Vermicelli Crunchy & Intense flavor

Fresh Bean Vermicelli Easy for cooking & No Soaking

Ready to add flavor and be inspired in every meals with Asian flavor

Easy and delicious

with variety of menu by Double Dragon Brand Bean Vermicelli

Serve a lifestyle for new generation

Never get bored just having Instant Bean Vermicelli Double Dragon Brand at home. Any menu is easy to make in everyday.

Attentive and Meticulous

We care and pay attention in selecting the finest green beans for production.

Modern Innovation
and Production

Certified by International Food Standard for the premium, delicious and healthy bean vermicelli.

Double Dragon Bean Vermicelli

Certified in quality and flavor by International Taste Institute

For your pleasure of cooking

Variety of bean vermicelli
in your own style

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